Event Enhancements

Event Enhancements

At Bilo Events, we're committed to making your special day truly unforgettable. Rather than pushing unnecessary add-ons, we work closely with you to understand your vision and recommend event enhancements that perfectly complement the atmosphere you're trying to create. Whether it's setting the right mood with intelligent lighting or bringing the club to you with a CO2 Cannon, our experienced team will help you select the perfect enhancements to take your celebration to the next level. With Bilo Events, your wedding will be a truly personalized and memorable experience for you and your guests.

Elevate your wedding ambiance with uplights that transform your venue into an enchanting experience. With customizable options, we can create a truly magical experience for your special day
Dance Floor Wash Lighting
Illuminate the dance floor with our dynamic DJ lighting service. Experience the energy as vibrant beams of light pulse to the rhythm, creating an unforgettable atmosphere for an epic celebration.
Pin Spot Lighting
Focused beams of light highlight key elements, adding an enchanting glow to create an atmosphere that sets the stage for a memorable occasion.
Inteligent Totems
Take your event to the next level with our intelligent moving head totems. These fixtures mesmerize the crowd with synchronized light shows, dynamic colors, and captivating effects, ensuring an unforgettable experience that will leave your guests in awe.
C02 Gun
Take your event to the next level with our C02 gun. Watch as jets of CO2 create stunning plumes of smoke, elevating the energy on the dance floor in an exhilarating mist-filled experience.
Dancing on the Clouds
Experience the magic of "Dancing on the Clouds" with our enchanting service. Watch as a layer of low-lying fog transforms the dance floor into a dreamlike realm, creating an unforgettable and romantic atmosphere for your special occasion.
Cold Sparks
Witness the mesmerizing showers of sparkling cold sparks as they illuminate the dance floor, creating an enchanting atmosphere that leaves guests in awe.
Custom Gobo
Illuminate your event with our mesmerizing gobo projections. Customizable and versatile, these intricate patterns and logos infuse your venue with a personalized touch
Photo Booth
Unleash the perfect blend of simplicity and power with our iPad booth and DSLR combo. Capture stunning photos, create captivating GIFs, and instantly share your moments, all with the sleek ease of an iPad. Experience unrivaled image quality and professional-grade capabilities with our DSLR, taking your event photography to extraordinary heights.

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